A favourite from instagram artist dogwatisaw who sketches cute little pups he sees in his daily life.

Today’s mug is from which I did not know was a Danish company. Just a normal cup of black tea with milk and one sugar.

La tasse d’aujourd’hui c’est de que j’ignorais était une entreprise danoise. C’est seulement du thé noir au lait avec un sucre.

This morning I’m having a latte macchiato out of my Royal Copenhagen cup, a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law. A nice addition to my of mugs.

Ce matin je bois un café crème de ma tasse Royal Copenhagen, un cadeau de noël de ma belle-sœur. Un beau ajout à ma de tasses.

I collect mugs when I . This mug is from the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, Italy. (I’m having vanilla chai this morning.)

Quand je , je collectionne des tasses. Cette tasse est du château Sforzesco à Milan, Italie. (Je bois du chai à la vanille ce matin.)

selfie, eye contact 

I feel a bit sick and down but my hair looks nice?

Ni homophobe, ni raciste, ni antisémite. Ma haine n'est dirigée que contre l'injustice sociale !

Je viens de fêter mon 33ème anniv' aujourd'hui.

Spotify basically told me I'm a trash hipster. That's fine. I only listen to Icelandic rap and Eurovision anyway.


So my new phone's camera now has something called Night Sight which messes with exposures and it is amazing.

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